• Tina Takahashi

    TINA TAKAHASHI - Judo, Shotokan-Karate, Ju Jutsu, Sambo, Children's, Teens & Adults Programs, Summer Camps, After School Program…

    You may know Tina by the many speaking engagements she's given to elementary schools for the FAME program, “Female Athletes Motivating Excellence” or have seen her doing interviews on C.T.V. Morning Live, CJOH, The New RO, The New You, Rogers, Japan Today or in magazine's Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Homemakers or the Ottawa Citizen.  In 2016, Tina was inducted alongside with Daniel Alfredsson into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame. Always in demand for speaking engagements, or martial arts lessons and clinics, Tina along with her husband Sean MacFadyen provide authentic, seasoned and professional instructors in all martial arts offered & fitness categories.


    • Judo Canada Hall of Fame Inductee
    • Former Olympic judo coach
    • World University Judo champion
    • 6th degree black belt
    • Former World Sambo Champion
    • Co-Author of "Mastering Judo" by Masao Takahashi & Family


    CONTRIBUTION TO SPORT: Chair National Grading Board

    Promoted to Rokudan (6th degree) in 2003 (14 years as 6th dan)
    Judo practioner for over 50 years, teaching/coaching for 40 years.

    • Coached Women’s National team at over 20 international tournaments throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North, South and Central America
    • Participated in many national and international training camps and clinics throughout the world. NCCP level 3 certified
    • Judo Ontario Provincial Coach at several National Championships
    • Coached Ontario Winter Games for the East Region
    • Coached Women’s National Team in Ottawa ‘85-‘88, and at the Seoul Olympics. Judo Canada National Team Resource Coach until mid ‘90’s. Tina's three sons who are all National judo medalists.  (Adam 3rd 2015 2nd 2011), Torin (1st x 2, 2011, 2012, 2nd x2, 2015, 2013, 2009 +), Liam Macfadyen (3rd 2012)
    • Taught judo to children, teens and adults recreationally and in schools for 40 years.
    • Taught judo to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his brothers and all the children of former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney


    Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Education & Ontario Teachers Certificate

    Coaching Highlights with Women’s National Team

    • Olympic Games 1988 in Korea
    • World Championships 1986 in Netherlands
    • World Championships 1987 in Germany
    • Pan Am Games in 1987 in Indianapolis, USA
    • Francophonie Games in 1989 in Morocco
    • Fukuoka Int’l Women’s Championships 3 times in Japan


    • Ottawa Sport Hall of Fame - (inducted June 3, 2016)
    • Canadian Asian of the Year finalist, Sheila Copps Award - 2011
    • Female Coach of the Year Award Judo Ontario - 2010
    • Life member Judo Ontario/Judo Canada
    • Certificate of Recognition, Pioneer of Women’s Competitive Judo JC - 2006
    • Judo Ontario Hall of Fame - 2002
    • Inducted into:  Judo Canada Hall of Fame - 1998
    • City of Nepean Wall of Fame - 1986
    • Canadian Sport Award, Athlete of the Month - 1984
    • Int’l Achievement Award, Sport Federation of Canada - 1980
    • Ontario Distinguished Performance Achievement Award - ’76-‘84

    Volunteer Highlights

    • Chairperson for Judo Canada’s National Grading Board 2008
    • Member of Judo Canada National Grading Board 2004-2008
    • Member Judo Ontario Black Belt Grading Board 2000-present
    • Women’s National Judo Team Representative mid ‘80s
    • Assistant Regional Director of East Region early ‘90s
    • Provincial "A" referee
    • East Region Tournament Organizer

    Competitive Highlights (National and International Tournaments)

    • World University Championship 1st place: 1984France
    • World Sambo Championships 1stplace: 1980 Montreal
    • Pacific Rim: 1st twice: 1981 Japan, 1980 Hawaii
    • World Championships5th twice:  1980 USA, & 1982 France
    • Senior Canadian Judo Nationals 1st eight times: 1976, ’78, ’79, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82, ‘83, ‘84
    • Canada Cup 1st:1980 Montreal
    • Cadet Canadian Nationals1st three times: 1974, ’76, ’77  
    • Medaled at over15 international tournaments in Europe, North and South America, & Japan including:
    • Quebec Open 1stthree times: 1979, 80, 81 Montreal
    • Pan Am Games 3rd:1983 Caracas, Venezuela
    • French International 3rd: 1981 France
    • British Open3rd: 1977 England
    • Dutch Open 3rd: 1981 Holland
    • Pan American Championships, 3rd three times: 1982 Chile, ’84 Mexico, ’85 Cuba
    • Pan American Championships 2nd:1980 Venezuela
    • Desert Open 1st:1980 Arizona

    Kata (Pre-arranged forms/patterns of movement)

    • 1st place inNage no Kata CNE Int’l 1989, medaled in Ju-no- kata, Katame-no-kata
    • Course conductor kata, gokyo and competitive clinics in Ontario and Quebec
    • Judge Pan Ams and several Nationals
    • Chair for the National Grading Board
    • Organizer of kata judging seminars in 2008 with Kuniko Takeuchi Sensei, Chairperson Pan Am Kata Committee

    Athlete Development (National and International Judo Champions)

    Original sensei, coached many athletes from children to national and international champions.  i.e.  Renee Hock (World competitor ’93, ’95, many int’l medals, Sr.Ntl champ ‘86), Tony Walby (para Olympics 2012, IBSA Worlds 2014, Sr. Ntl Champ 2008 & multi time National medals), Evan O’Leary (Masters Ntl champ), Karen Hayde (KDK Cup Brazil champ, Sr. Ntl champ ‘95), Linda Konkol (Sr. Ntl champ ‘89), Julie Leblanc (Sr. Ntl champ ’85, US Open 2nd, 3rd, ‘’87-’88)  Michael and Kristina Kiss (Juv. Ntl champs) Dave Shapiro (Juv, Ntl champ), Torin Macfadyen (U18 Ntl champ, U15 Ntl Champ), Sean Macfadyen (Masters Pan Am champ ’07 , QC Open ’09, RMC Int’l 2009, Sr. Prov Team member) Stewart Tanaka (Sr. Ntl medalist), Thomas Filter (Jr. Ntl champ '02), Alicia Rimad (U17 Ntl Champ '10)

  • Sean MacFadyen

    SEAN MACFADYEN - Ju Jutsu, Combat Sambo, Sport Sambo, Kodokan Judo, Catch Wrestling, Kozen Judo, MMA-Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Summer & Winter Camps, Children's, Teens, Adults Programs, Family Classes, Private Lessons for instructors and students

    Training under Masao Takahashi (8th Dan) for over 25 years in Ju Jutsu, Judo, Aikido and Shotokan Karate, Sean has also trained under Russian Sambo Master and two time world champion Igor Yakimov.

    Taught by his father Lachlan and grandfather Charles MacFadyen, a former Glasgow Police Academy Boxing Champion, boxing was Sean's first martial art. An Ontario team member in freestyle wrestling, he later coached his sons to national championships in wrestling, Judo and Sambo, coaching them at the World Championships in Narita Japan, 2014. Sean recently coached the Commonwealth Sambo/Combat Sambo Team to a silver medal performance (Canada vs. Russia) in Manchester England 2015. In 2014 Sean attended Master Classes with the great living legend, Fedor Emelianenko and in 2017 with Fedor's former Russian National Sambo coaches in Glasgow. Dynamo Sambo Scotland President, Vadim Kolganov, Sambo Master of Sport, hosted Dimitri Troshkin and Combat Sambo Coach Alexander Konokov for an unforgettable masterclass.


    • Training with Russian National Coaches
    • President Dynamo Sambo Canada
    • Former Masters Pan American Judo Gold Medalist
    • Sambo Canada National Coach
    • Commonwealth Sambo Coach
    • Ju Jutsu Rokudan (6th degree black belt)
    • Judo Yondan (4th degree Kodokan black belt)
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu YonKyū (blue belt received from Murilo Bustamante)
    • Past President & Vice President Sambo Canada

    Recent Activities

    • Ottawa ON, Tina Takahashi Martial Arts & Fitness, Ju Jutsu, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, MMA Summer Camps 2017
    • Ottawa, ON, Tina Takahashi Martial Arts Clinic with 92'Olympic Judo Silver Medalist Jason Morris, Host 2017
    • Whitehorse Yukon Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, MMA Clinician 2017
    • Whitehorse Yukon Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, MMA Summer Camps 2017
    • Philadelphia U.S.A. Sambo National's Coach 2017 (2 Gold, 1 Silver)
    • Philadelphia U.S.A. Liberty Bell Judo International Coach (1 Gold, 1Silver)
    • Kilmarnock, Scotland International Sambo Seminar with Dmitry Troshkin and Alexander Konakov and Vadim Kolganov
    • Glasgow Scotland International Dynamo Sambo Clinician 2017
    • Toronto, ON, Canadian National Muay Thai(Kun-Khmer) Championships (assistant coach, Liam Macfadyen Gold), (1 G., 1 Silver) 2016
    • Kingston, ON Canadian Royal Military College Judo Clinician 2016
    • Manchester England, Presidents Cup Commonwealth Team Sport Sambo Coach 2015 (Silver: Can vs Russia in Team Competition)
    • Manchester England, Presidents Cup Commonwealth Team Combat Sambo Coach 2015
    • London England, Presidents Cup Commonwealth Team Coach in 2014 (4th place Team, 1 Gold, 1 Bronze)
    • London England, Commonwealth Sambo Championships, Canadian National Team Coach in 2014 (4th place in Team Competition, 1 Gold, 1 Bronze)
    • Philadelphia USA, PA Rise Sambo International Coach 2015 (1 Gold)
    • Philadelphia USA, PA Rise Sambo International Referee 2015
    • Yellowknife, NWT Seminar Clinician for Sport Sambo, Judo 2015
    • Yellowknife, NWT, Championship Judo Referee 2015
    • Montreal, QC World Combat Wrestling Trials July 18th Coach (3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze) 2015
    • Vancouver BC Taffissa Games/FIAS Sport Sambo Master of Ceremonies, Clinician 2014
    • Iqaluit, Nunavut Territories Judo, Sport Sambo, Freestyle & Greco Roman Wrestling Clinician 2014
    • Iqaluit, Nunavut Territorial Championships Judo Referee 2014
    • Iqaluit, Nunavut Territorial Championships Wrestling Referee, Clinician 2014
    • Tokyo Japan, Nitaidai University with Olympic silver medalist Yasuke Yamamoto Training 2014
    • Tokyo Japan Matsumoto Sensei, Japan National Sambo Coach Training 2014
    • Tokyo Japan Kodokan Training 2014
    • Narita Japan, Senior World Sport & Combat Sambo Championships, 2014 National Coach (2 - 7th place) son Adam MacFadyen places 7th, Nick Tritton 7th
    • Calgary, Edmonton Alberta, Fedor Emelianenko Clinic Master Class 2014
    • Montreal, QC Senior National Judo Championships Coach (1 Silver, 1 Bronze) 2014 -
    • Montreal, QC Quebec Open International Judo Athlete- Gold 2009
    • Kingston, ON Royal Military College Open International Judo Athlete- Gold 2008
    • Montreal, QC, Pan American Masters Championships Judo Athlete - Gold 2007
    • Ottawa, QC  CEGEP de L’Outaouais Police Academy 1994 Judo Instructor
  • Adam Takahashi MacFadyen

    Adam Takahashi MacFadyen - Athlete & Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, MMA, Catch-Wrestling, Children's, Teens, Adults, Private Lessons

    Adam is the eldest of the three Takahashi MacFadyen sons. When not competing, he teaches judo, sambo, ju jutsu, kozen judo, wrestling and weight loss skills to adults and children alike. Look for Adam at this year’s Summer Camps! Private Lessons for instructor's and students available.


    • Nidan Ju Jutsu (2nd degree Black Belt)
    • Nidan Judo (2nd degree Kodokan)
    • Yonkyu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt)
    • Sambo Canada National Team Member
    • Wrestling Canada National Team Member
    • Judo Canada National Team Member


    • 2010-2011 Athlete of the Year, St. Paul High School
    • 2011 City Rugby Champions team member
    • 2009-2010 Athlete of the Year, St. Paul High School
    • 2009 City of Ottawa Most Outstanding Judo Player
    • 2012 MVP Junior Male Rugby – St Paul High School
    • 2012 Quest for Gold Athlete (Judo)


    • 2017 Western Open Wrestling - Gold
    • 2017 Senior Pan American Wrestling Canada Team Member - Brazil
    • 2017 Senior National Freestyle Wrestling Championships - Silver
    • 2017 Senior National Greco - Roman Wrestling Championships - Silver
    • 2016 McMaster Invitational:  Hamilton ON – Silver
    • 2016 Senior Ontario Wrestling Provincials Wrestling - Gold
    • 2016 Canada Cup Sr. Wrestling: Guelph ON - Silver
    • 2016 Senior Canadian Greco Roman Wrestling: Fredericton NB – Silver
    • 2016 Senior Canadian Freestyle Wrestling: Fredericton NB – Bronze
    • 2015 Pan Am Sambo Championships: Nicaragua 3rd
    • 2015 Canadian World Combat Wrestling Qualifier: Gold, 60kg, Gold Absolute (Open weight)
    • 2015 North American Catch Wrestling and Freestyle Sambo Championship: Gold
    • 2015 Canada Cup Wrestling: Guelph – 5th
    • 2105 Sambo Montreal Ultimate - Gold
    • 2015 Senior Canadian National Wrestling Championships: Freestyle – 6th
    • 2015 Senior Canadian Judo Championships: Saint Jean, QC - Bronze
    • 2014 Senior World Sambo Championships: Narita, Japan – 7th
    • 2013 Senior World Sambo Championships: St. Petersburg, Russia – 7th
    • 2013 Senior Pan American Sambo Championships: Panama City - Gold
    • 2013 Jr. National Greco Wrestling Championships: Fredericton, NB - Gold
    • 2013 Ontario Youth Int’l Judo: Toronto ON – Bronze
    • 2013 Quebec Open Int’l Judo Championships (U21): Montreal, QC – Silver
    • 2013 Ontario Open Sambo Championships: Kingston - Gold
    • 2012 Juv National Wrestling Championships: Freestyle– Silver, Greco – Bronze
    • 2012 OFSAA Wrestling Championships (Ont High Schools): Peterborough - Gold
    • 2012 Ontario Youth Int’l Judo (Toronto)-Gold
    • 2011 Fila Cadet World Championship Wrestling participant (Szombathely, Hungary)
    • 2011 Canada Cup Wrestling Juvenile: Guelph - Silver
    • 2011 Senior Canadian Judo Championships: Edmonton, AB - Silver
    • 2011 National Fila Cadet Wrestling Champion: Windsor, ON - Gold
    • 2011 OFSAA Wrestling Championships: Sudbury, ON - Bronze
    • 2009 Ottawa International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships - Gold
    • 2009 Ottawa Fit Day BJJ Championships - Gold
  • Torin Takahashi MacFadyen

    Torin Takahashi MacFadyen – Athlete & Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, Teens, Adults, Children's programs, Private Lessons


    • Shodan Ju Jutsu (1st degree black belt)
    • Shodan Judo (1st degree Kodakan black belt)
    • Yonkyu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt)
    • Sambo Canada National Team Member
    • Wrestling Canada National Team Member
    • Judo Canada National Team Member


    • 2012 Ottawa Sport Award (Wrestling)
    • 2012 Quest for Gold Athlete (Judo)
    • 2011 Junior Male Athlete of the Year – St Paul High School
    • 2010 Bell Warriors Outstanding Defensive Back Football


    • 2016 Canadian Judo Championships U21 (Calgary AB) 2nd
    • 2015 Tora Judo Championships (Toronto) 1st
    • 2015 Senior Canadian Judo (Saint Jean Sur-Richelieu QC) 2nd place
    • 2015 Tora Judo Championships (Toronto) 1st
    • 2014 Senior World Sambo Canadian Team member (Narita, Japan)
    • 2014 Canadian Judo Championships U21 (Chicoutimi, QC) 3rd
    • 2014 OFSAA (ON High Schools) Wrestling (Toronto) 2nd
    • 2013 Ontario Youth Int’l Ont Open Judo U21 (Toronto) 2nd
    • 2013 Quebec Open Int’l Judo U21 (Montreal) 1st
    • 2013 U18 Canadian Judo Championships U18 (Vancouver BC) 2nd
    • 2013 Senior Canadian Judo Championships (Vancouver BC) 3rd
    • 2013 Ontario Open Sambo Championships (Kingston) 1st
    • 2012 Canadian Judo Championships U18 (Toronto) 1st
    • 2012 Quebec Open Wrestling (Montreal) 2nd
    • 2012 Ontario Youth International Judo U18 (Toronto) 1st
    • 2012 Pan Am Cadet Wrestling (Maracaibo, Venezuela) 1st
    • 2012 Pan Am Cadet Judo (Cali, Columbia) 5th
    • 2012 Ontario Wrestling Championships (St. Catharines, ON) 1st
    • 2012 Ontario Open U18 (Toronto, ON) 1st
    • 2011 Canadian Team member Fila Cadet World Wrestling (Szombathely, Hungary)
    • 2011 Canadian Championships U17 Judo (Sept Iles, QC) 1st
    • 2011 National Wrestling Cadet (Windsor, ON) 1st
    • 2011 OFSSA Wrestling (Sudbury, ON) 2nd
    • 2010 Canadian Championships Youth Judo (Lethbridge, AB) 2nd
    • 2009 Ottawa International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships: Gold
    • 2009 Ottawa Fit Day BJJ Championships: Gold
  • Liam Takahashi MacFadyen

    Liam Takahashi Macfadyen – Athlete and Instructor Judo, Sambo, MMA, Kun Khmer Children's, Pee Wee, Teens, Adults, Private's

    Our youngest son, Liam, is disciplined and dedicated to embrace as much as he can in the martial arts world. His most recent competitive successes are in Muay Thai, Sambo, and Judo.


    • Shodan Ju Jutsu (1st degree Black Belt)
    • ik kyu Judo (brown belt)
    • Canadian National Muay Thai Champion (Kun Khmer)
    • Sambo Canada National Junior Team Member
    • Wrestling Canada National Team Cadet Team Member
    • Bell Warriors Outstanding Defensive Back Football
    • Judo Canada National Cadet Team Member


    • 2017 Brampton, Ontario Nationals Qualifier, Gold
    • 2017 Liberty Bell Philadelphia USA, Judo Gold
    • 2017 National War Museum Champion Muay Thai, Gold
    • 2017 USA Sambo Nationals Philadelphia, Gold
    • 2016 Canadian National Muay Thai Championships, Gold
    • 2015 Rise Philadelphia Open Sambo Championships, Gold
    • 2015 Sr. Ontario Judo Qualifier, (Brampton, ON) Silver
    • 2015 Ontario Youth International Judo, (Brampton, ON) Bronze
    • 2014 Ontario Winter Games Wrestling (Ottawa, ON) Gold
    • 2014 Canadian National Cadet Wrestling (Guelph) Silver
    • 2014 OFSAA (Ont. H.S) Wrestling (Brampton) Silver
    • 2014 MVP Wrestler St Paul HS
    • 2013 Ottawa International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Ottawa, ON) Gold
    • 2013 Canadian National Cadet Wrestling (Saskatoon, SK) Bronze
    • 2012 Canadian National U15 Judo (Toronto, ON) Bronze
    • 2009 Ottawa International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships: Gold
    • 2009 Ottawa Fit Day BJJ Championships: Bronze
  • Kru Samath Sim

    Master Lok Kru Samath Sim - Kun Khmer (Cambodian Kickboxing-Muay Thai) & Fitness Classes

    Our Kun Khmer/Muay Thai Head Coach hails from Cambodia, a South East Asian country that is nestled between Thailand, Vietnam, & Laos. To provide for his family, Kru Samath Sim started training Kun Khmer/Muay Thai at the young age of 10 years old having his first fight only 3 months later. He has competed in over 150 Kun Khmer/Muay Thai and Boxing matches in various countries including Cambodia, Malaysia, England, Laos and Canada and has been a multi time National Champion in Kun Khmer and Olympic style Boxing.

    While training out of the Cambodian police academy under the tutelage of Lokru Meas Sokry, Kru Samath was invited to join the Cambodian International Boxing team in 1993. He competed at the 2001 Franchophone Games in Gatineau and has called Ottawa his home ever since. He has been coaching aspiring athletes in Kun Khmer/Muay Thai & Boxing for the past 10 years. Kru Samath gives every student his personal attention, helping them achieve his/her fitness goals and forge into a strong competitor inside and outside the ring.

    Certified Coach of Golden Lion Kun Khmer by Cambodia Boxing Federation and Cambodia Amateur Boxing Federation.

  • Alvis Lukša

    Alvis Lukša - Taekwondo, Women's self defence, Special needs martial arts

    More than 10 years of taekwondo and hapkido experience, black belt 2nd dan, Kukkiwon Certified Instructor, Certified Para-Taekwondo Instructor, Champion of British Columbia, Champion of Latvia, prize-winner of championships in Europe. He was studying Criminology, now he is in the Police Foundations working with male adult offenders.


    World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association Certificate of Qualification


    • BC Master’s Cup, gold medal (2017, Canada)
    • 1st Korean Consulate General Cup, Western Canada Open Taekwondo Championships, 1st Place (2017, Canada)
    • BC Taekwondo Championships, two gold medals (2017, Canada)
    • Dublin Open Taekwondo Championship, bronze medal (2014, Ireland)
    • Cavan Cup, gold medal (2014, Ireland)
    • Irish Open Taekwondo Championship, silver medal (2013, Ireland)
    • Latvian Olympic Youth Games, silver medal (2009, Latvia)
    • Championship of Latvia, gold medal (2009, Latvia)
    • Olympic hopes, silver medal (2009, Latvia)
    • Daugavpils Cup, bronze medal (2009, Latvia)
    • 10th Open Lithuanian Taekwondo Championship, bronze medal (2009, Lithuania)
    • Cup of Latgale, gold medal (2009, Latvia)
    • 9th Open Lithuanian Taekwondo Championship, bronze medal (2008, Lithuania)
    • Cup of Ogre, gold medal (2008, Latvia)
    • Cup of Marupe, bronze medal (2008, Latvia)
    • Golden Kick’2008 (International tournament), bronze medal (Latvia)
    • Golden Kick’2008 (International tournament), gold medal (Latvia)
    • Cup of Latgale, bronze medal (2007, Latvia)
  • Ky-Hien Do - Ju Jutsu, Judo, Aikibudo

    Hien sensei had trained in his native Vietnam before coming under the tutelage of Masao Takahashi Sensei (8th Dan) in 1984. After leaving his war torn homeland for Ottawa, the young student attained Kodokan Ni-Dan (second degree judo black belt) at Takahashi's before moving to Hawaii.

    Hien Sensei has been teaching Aikibudo (Yoseikan Ajkido holding the rank of Shodan-1st degree black belt), Judo and Takahashi Ju Jutsu (Nidan - Second degree black belt) since 1998. He is the head instructor of the day classes throughout the week and is also available for private lessons. Now that Hien Sensei has settled down with family and a new daughter he hopes to be attending Sunday Family Classes soon.

  • Soth Hem

    Soth Hem Assistant Coach – Kun Khmer (Cambodian Kickboxing-Muay Thai)

    Training Kun Khmer for the past 9 years Assistant Coach Soth Hem has been a huge asset to the Golden Lion Fight Team. Soth has helped Kru Samath in conducting workouts as well as coach and corner the Golden Lion warriors. Having competed in Kun Khmer/Muay Thai himself, Soth is able to communicate his skills to the students in a very detailed, friendly and effective manner.

  • Paddye Mann - Pee Wee Judo

    Paddye received her shodan, 1st degree black belt in 2003. A world renowned clothing designer from Pakenham, she started judo as an adult and is a former instructor for children’s judo in Beckwith and Arnprior. She has attended kata/patterns camps studying under 10th dan, women’s pioneer, Keiko Fukuda in California. Paddye brings her granddaughters, Lilah and Remi from Pakenham to Pee Wee children’s classes and girls summer camp. She is an excellent role model, strict and precise but with a great sense of humour, knowledge and experience of human nature.

  • Daniel Davies - Family Class

    Daniel started judo back in 1995 as a teenager with his father who was looking for an activity that they could do together. He is a talented athlete and went on to compete for the Ontario Team at the Nationals and eventually attained his black belt together with his father. While Dan took time off to study law and start a family, his father kept on, achieving his second degree black belt through much hard work and dedication. Daniel, Daniel’s wife, Maya, and children, Ben and Hannah all practice together with their cousin, Saphira in the Sunday family class. Hannah particularly loves doing the judo moves on “Saba”(Grandpa).

  • Dynamo Sambo Guest Instructors

    Martial Arts Ottawa - Igor Yakimov

    Igor Yakimov - Sambo/Combat Sambo/Judo/Submission Grappling

    Igor Yakimov is a World Masters Judo champion, as well as a World Masters sport sambo champion and a medallist at the Combat Sambo world championships. He is the author of the Russian Judo video series Sambo Leglocks video series.

    Igor Yakimov, a former Soviet Army officer, is a graduate of Russian Military College where he was trained in sport and combat sambo. He was twice national Sambo Champion of Russia, and world Sambo Champion. He is also the 2001 world judo champion in the Masters Class. Igor is a Master of Sports in sambo.


    • 2001 World Masters Sambo Champion
    • 2001 Medalist World Combat Sambo Championship
    • 1999 World Masters Judo Champion
    • 1999 Pan American Sambo Champion
    • 1999 Pan American Sambo Champion
    • 1998 Abu Dhabi Combat Championships Medalist
    • 1998 Pan American Sambo Champion
    • 1997 Provincial Judo Champion
    • 1990 International Sambo Champion
    • 1990 Medalist Soviet Sambo Championship
    • 1988 Russian National Sambo Champion
    • 1985 Russian National Sambo Champion
    • 1984 Medalist of International Judo Tournament of Socialist Countries


    Martial Arts Ottawa - Vadim Kolganov

    Vadim Kolganov - Sambo, MMA, Judo/ Kettlebell

    • Student of Karate, Master of sports in Sambo and Judo, multi time club champion Central Dynamo club 1980 1986 Moscow Champion
    • Student of Army Hand to Hand Combat, Wing Chun, Western Boxing, American Freestyle Wrestling and Belt wrestling
    • Member of Russian Army, Russian Air Forces helicopter pilot and parachuter Moscow State University of Physical Culture and sambo coaching
    • Former Moscow Region Police Force inspector of physical education and self-defense within the forces
    • Osteomyologist for spinal injuries clinic in Moscow and now Glasgow, Scotland Returned to competitive wrestling in 2005 winning a competition in Cherbourg, France and taking the Bronze medal in the World Masters Sambo Championships in Prague
    • Guest and adviser to popular martial arts show Human Weapon
    • 2006 British Sambo Champion. Expert in Russian Kettlebell Sport
    • Look for Master Kolganov in Ontario and Quebec 2018

Ottawa Martial Arts & Fitness Classes

Tina Takahashi Martial Arts & Fitness aims to provide the highest quality instruction not only for athletes that have high aspirations but also for beginners that may not hold Olympic type dreams. All levels of experience are most welcome with appropriate programs custom made to suit any fitness or skill level.

Martial Arts Ottawa-Tina Takahash
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