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Does your child like to practice sumo wrestling for fun? Are they interested in gymnastics? Can't tame your karate kid?

Taekwondo may be the perfect activity for your child as it's developed specifically for little kickers! This combat sport is characterized by jumping, grappling and head-height kicks. Think of it this way, it's for little tykes who have an unlimited source of energy (even after a long day at school)!

Mixed martial arts and taekwondo specifically, are great activities for kids who are into fitness, sporty and want to step it up. Watch your child move up the ranks as they learn new skills and develop a greater sense of confidence. Among the many after school programs out there to choose from, ours definitely ranks #1 in fun!

Although having fun is definitely top of the list, safety is the most important. Of course, the safety of your children is our utmost concern, and proper etiquette in mixed martial arts is always emphasized in our classes. Our commitment is to helping your karate kid grow in a positive and empowering environment - we know that’s what’s most important to you!

We help kids build confidence and show them just how important respect is (and we really like to instill it). If you want to know more about this exciting mixed martial arts sport and our new after-school programs, check out the information below!

From Peewee to teens - We've got you covered!

Our pee wee classes begin at 3 years old up to 7 years old. These specialized classes help introduce your child to the exciting and versatile nature of tae kwon do. Exercises are always age appropriate and safe. At this age, they begin to explore the positions, kicks, and stances.

If your kid is always looking for fun things to do - they will love our classes. Its mixed martial arts, combat-fitness and gymnastics all in one! Picture spin kicks, wide stances and quick movements! It’s not only fun to do but also fun to watch.

Think your child is up for the challenge? Or would you like to help them build up their confidence?

The history of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art developed during the 1940s by martial arts artists who combined certain key elements from karate and Chinese martial arts blended with traditional Korean martial arts traditions. This sport was popularized since its introduction to the Olympic Games in 1988 as a demonstration event (and later, it became an official medal event in 2000).

It is accepted and recognized in many large sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games. Today, this sport is practiced in those who want to develop their speed and agility. As you can tell, this ancient art is deeply rooted in a asian culture but has been popularized in North America. Let your child be immersed in this rich culture by taking a class with us!

The health benefits of Taekwondo and mixed martial arts

As we mentioned above, taekwondo was practiced by those who wanted to develop their speed and agility. As this sport combines kicking and low stances, your child will also be able to improve their sense of balance. Did you know that taekwondo ranks are separated by colour belts to indicate ‘juniors’ and ‘seniors’? Using this ranking system can be very beneficial in encouraging your child to be in healthy competition with themselves.

As they progress, they will see the improvement in themselves and develop a sense of pride in what they’ve learned. Another benefit to practicing taekwondo is that it is a form of self defense, one that your child will learn is not to be used when it is not appropriate (no need to worry!). Combat fitness is one of the most fun things to do and with all the benefits mentioned above, why not try it!

About the coach

Master Ken Blackburn is an Award-winning instructor, acclaimed as the top Taekwondo instructor in Ottawa by a world renowned 9th Dan Grand Master and WTF Executive council Member. He has been teaching Taekwondo in Ottawa for over 30 years. He has achieved his 5th Dan Kukkiwon and is Ottawa's only 6th Dan Song Moo Kwang Black Belt as well as the only Black Belt Instructor to teach Hapkido in Ottawa that is officially certified through the Korean Hapkido Federation.

Master Ken discovered Taekwondo at a young age, during a difficult period in his life. After spending a number of his formative years being bullied, he was heading down a troubled path which included dropping out of school. Something about the sport resonated with him, and he was able to use Taekwondo as a vehicle through which he could change his path. He fostered those intangible qualities – strength, courage, discipline and an indomitable spirit – to turn his life around and find great success as a medaled athlete, an award-winning instructor and a pillar in the community.

Since he has begun training, Master Ken has enjoyed a number of successes as a competitor and as an instructor, coaching many students to victories on the provincial, national and international stages. However, he has consistently maintained the philosophy that Taekwondo – and martial arts in general – must be more than just a sport. It has been the one steadying influence in his life, and is the means by which his students develop the qualities that inspire them to achieve their best, regardless of age or skill level. The sum total of his life experience as an athlete and in his personal life give him a unique perspective on how to motivate his students to excellence on the training floor and through all other facets of their lives.

Today, Master Ken enjoys a long-standing relationship with his students, who are in many ways part of an ever-growing martial arts family.

Achievements include:

  • Ottawa's only 6th Dan Song Moo Kwang Black Belt; 5th Dan Kukkiwon.
  • Canterbury/Alta Vista Founding Taekwondo Instructor Celebrating over 25 Years in the Community.
  • Over 30 years coaching, motivating and working with children and youth.
  • Over 30 years teaching WTF Taekwondo.
  • Official VIP to Taekgyeon Championships; Gwan Ju, Korea. 2007
  • Official Delegate to Hanmadang (Taekwondo World Breaking/Demonstration Competition); SuWon, Korea. 2007
  • Official Delegate 2nd Official WTF World Patterns competition; Incheon, Korea. 2007
  • Special VIP guest: world famous Korean Tigers Demonstration Team; Seoul, Korea. 2007
  • Instructor to Canadian Military Personal, OPP and Ottawa Police Officers and Ontario Correctional officers.
  • WTF Olympic Black Belt Full Contact Sparring National and Provincial Coaching Experience: Produced 2 Provincial Gold Medalists and a National Silver Medalist at the National Junior Team Trials.
  • Assistant Coach Canadian Military Team Selections for World Competition (CISM). 1989-1990

World Class Taekwondo Demonstration Team Leader and Coach:

Personally responsible for all aspects of the demonstration team, including recruiting and overseeing technical development of team member, choreographing and developing each demonstration, mentoring and motivating team, and overseeing and participating in each performance. Many of the following performances have served as models and continue to influence demonstrations developed by numerous martial arts bodies:

  • Canadian Museum of Civilization Sold-Out Performance Spectacle; Gatineau, Quebec. 2002
  • World Taekwondo Championships Opening Ceremony; Edmonton, Alberta. 1999
  • Opening Ceremony Canadian National Team Trials; Toronto, Ontario. 1997
  • Gold Medal Winner Pan-Am Demonstration Team Competition competing against teams from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and the US. 1996
  • Opening Ceremony Canadian National Team trials; Montreal, Quebec. 1996
  • Opening Ceremony World Military Taekwondo Championships (CISM): RMC; Kingston, Ontario. 1992

Black Belt Competitive Experience:

  • WTF Olympic Full Contact Black Belt Competition: National top 10 ranking, winning several silver medals at official provincial team trials
  • Undefeated Black Belt Gold Medal Patterns (Form) Champion: Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Championships and Canadian TKD Championships. 1988-1991 & 2002

Training Credentials:

  • Trained 25 years with former chief combat instructor for Korean Armed Forces.
  • Currently training under international award winning Master Instructor, who competed in the 1988 Olympic Games, was a 3-time World Championship Contestant (Germany, Denmark and Spain), coached during the 1999 World Championship, is an international certified referee and a member of the Technical Committee of the World Taekwondo Federation.
  • Training under 4th Dan Korean Hapkido Certified Hapkido Instructor who has performed Stunt work and fight scene choreography in a number of Hollywood films.
  • Completed seminars with current UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and double weight class world champion (only one of two) BJ Penn.

Canterbury/Alta Vista Community Support Services:

  • Ottawa Food Bank Fundraising Events
  • Weight Loss/Healthy Lifestyle Mentor
  • Guest Speaker at Canterbury High School
  • 2 time Guest Speaker to Ottawa-Carleton District School Board “Creative Leadership” conference for Vice Principals and Management.


Mon 5:00pm - 5:30pm (3-5yrs)
Mon 5:30pm - 6:15pm (10yr+)
Mon 6:15pm - 7:00pm (6-9yrs)
Sat 9:00am - 9:30am (3-4 yrs)
Sat 9:30am - 10:15am (5-7 yrs)
Sat 10:15am - 11:00am (Family, 8yr+)

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